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Compositions, Collaborations and Productions

Jonny Jupiter is written and produced in-house at Wheatley Street Productions.  To see what Jonny Jupiter is about, please click on the link below and check out the website. Thanks!! 😃

Stronger Together Logan is a community based website that is a branch of Logan Together.  This songwriting project was the brainchild of Marnie Julin, First Five Forever, and we were brought together by Sharon Worboys from Logan Together.  The project was supported by the State Library of Queensland, and powered by Logan City Council First Five Forever.  It is a song written for the Logan community, inclusive of the very young to the very old, and everyone in between.  It was a magical collaboration and features amazing artists - Emily Pluckrose, Junior Finau, Mad Mike and Jonny Jupiter.  The song was also written collaboratively, with inspiration and lyrics in the bridge put forth by Marnie, then built upon by Mad Mike in his rap, and fleshed out by the WSP team.  It's an anthem for Logan!

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