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We have flexible rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local musicians make awesome sounding recordings and bring dreams to life.
All rates include an engineer.
Studio Microphone
Woman Working at Mixing Console


$110 per hour

(Engineer incl.)


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Whether you want to track a band, a voice over for a radio ad, TVC, podcast, or lay down a song, EP or album from start to finish, this is our hourly rate for all this and more.

Depending on the project, this could vary, but please let us know what you're wanting to do, and we could definitely work out a great rate that would suit your project.

Guitar Playing


$110 per hour

For the final stage of your single, EP or album, we would love to put the finishing touches on your music.  Great care is taken to be sure to only enhance what is already there, and make it sound even better.  The approach taken is dependant on the style, dynamic range and context of the music.


Call for a Quote

With many years of experience in producing, performing, composing, arranging and recording music, we are happy to discuss your project with you to take it from an idea into a recorded piece of music.

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