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Sheet Music Edits

Composing, Songwriting, Producing and Arranging

The Products

• Songs (all styles/genres)

• Film scores

• Demos

• Albums

• Children's music

• Advertising

• Theme or brand music

• and more


Whether you are overflowing with ideas or have a starting point, Wheatley Street Productions are happy to work with you to make your dreams a reality.

If you have a song idea that may be lyrics and a melody that you can sing, we can create and arrange the music around that for you.  


If you have lyrics or poetry that need melody and music, we can write and arrange the music for you and turn it into a song.


If you have a film that needs a soundtrack, we can write, record and produce the music your project needs.

For all these types of creative projects, we will need to meet with you to discuss your project and how best to bring it to life. Please contact us for a meeting to discuss your creative work.

The People

Working as a team or as individuals, Jonathon and Louise Wheatley's combined experience in composing, songwriting and as performers, brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and a network of industry contacts to your project.  

A recent collaboration with CultivAR saw Louise and Jonathon compose, perform and record the score for CultivAR's 2019 entry into the Cannes Film Festival. 


They are both members of APRA AMCOS.

The Process

Composing - working with the client or artist involves understanding the final product they are trying to achieve. Wheatley Street Productions work flexibly through the composing process to create the sounds, moods, textures and feelings the client wants to portray.  The music must remain true to the artists ideas.  From the initial demo to the mastered product, communication is at the heart of WSP's success and client satisfaction.

Songwriting - an organic, personal process that may start at the beginning, middle or end.  Working within the artist's musical range and abilities, WSP helps define and capture the essence of an artist's vision.

Producing and arranging - adding layers of harmony, structure, texture and form to an existing sketch. Often starting with a beat that best represents the style, tempo and feel of the song or music, the layers of instruments and parts can then be added to create either a rich tapestry of harmony, rhythm and structure or a simple piano or acoustic guitar accompaniment.  

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